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Used Trucks for Sale in Youngstown, Ohio

By the end of the last decade, the light truck category, which includes SUVs and pickup trucks, accounted for the majority of the auto sales market. Overall, pickup trucks were the third most popular buy, after sedans and SUVs, and the versatility of a new generation of pickups is supporting the increase of this trend. We at #1 Cochran Cars are happy to offer a wide selection of used trucks from the most popular manufacturers. Browse our inventory below or stop by our Youngstown, Ohio used truck lot!

Why Buy a Used Truck?

There are definite pros and cons to purchasing either a new truck or a used truck, and each buyer will need to decide what’s right for them. But here are a few advantages to buying a used pickup truck for sale:

  • More for your money. Some customers who want to buy a new car go to a dealer only to find out that with their budget they cannot afford anything more than the base trim level. But with the same budget they may be able to buy a more luxurious or modern used truck, essentially receiving more for their money.
  • Long-term savings. Registration, insurance, and interest rates are often lower for used trucks. Because used trucks often have a significantly lower purchase price over new trucks, your monthly truck payments will be lower too if you choose to finance.
  • Maximum confidence. Gone are the days when buying a used truck was a crapshoot. With reputable dealers like Cochran Cars and their Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles, you can buy used truck and make it a good investment. Our CPO trucks are submitted to a thorough inspection by our expert service team.

The Right Truck for You

Pickup trucks are available in three basic sizes, each offering multiple configurations. This list of truck sizes and descriptions can help you decide which is best for you and your family.

Used Midsize Pickup Trucks

The midsize category of pickup trucks actually overlaps with the lightweight, compact category. There are pickup trucks that fall squarely into the midsize category, but others are upgraded versions of trucks in the lighter category. There are options available that maximize the cab and cargo bed dimensions, change the rear axle and suspension, or increase the towing capacity.

Used Full Size and Heavy Duty (HD) Pickup Trucks

A full-sized and heavy-duty used pick up truck is equipped with a powerful drivetrain and can carry the largest payloads, both onboard and while trailering. Off-road options are available on most, and some offer dual rear-wheel (DRW) models.

Used Truck Dealership in Youngstown, Ohio

#1 Cochran, your local used truck dealership, can proudly offer its customers perks that are unavailable at other used truck dealers. This is because we move more than 600 vehicles every month, and we maintain an impressive inventory of new and used cars and trucks. We have new Chevy and GMC trucks for sale and used trucks of many makes as well. Visit either of our two locations, conveniently across the street from each other in Youngstown, Ohio. You’ll see why so many of our customers have joined the #1 Cochran family.

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