EV Charging Calculator

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How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

On average, it costs between $0.30- $0.60 kWh to charge your electric vehicle, depending on the make and model.

What is a Kilowatt-hour (kWh)?

A kilowatt-hour measures how much electrical energy you are using. It is the amount of energy used to keep a 1000 watt appliance running for 1 hour.

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Car Use?

An average electric vehicle requires 30 kilowatt-hours to travel 100 miles. This means, based on the average cost to charge an electric car, it would cost between $9.00 and $18.00 to travel 100 miles.

Does a kwh of electricity cost more for a car than kwh for a house?

No, if you’re using a home charger for your electric vehicle, then a kwh of electricity is the same cost as anything else you plug in at your house.