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Used Cars for Sale in Boardman & Youngstown, Ohio

At the #1 Cochran dealerships in Youngstown, Ohio, driving home in a used car has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a brand new car or something that’s simply new to you, our expansive inventory of used cars in Youngstown, Ohio is certain to have something you’ll love. With over 100 years of experience serving the Boardman, Ohio community, we’ve set ourselves apart from other used car dealerships with a history of honest service and quality long lasting used cars. Take the first step to driving your dream car and discover what we love about our used vehicle inventory and services.

Why Buy Used Cars?

Deciding to invest in a vehicle is a big decision, but it’s much easier when you know you’re getting great value for your money. When you buy used at #1 Cochran Youngstown, you don’t have to pay a high sticker price to get a car you love that drives like new. With our impressive range of vehicles, you can find upgrades and customizations for a huge discount simply because someone else drove the car before you. Buying used lets you skip the steep depreciation period that comes along with investing in a brand new car without sacrificing on quality.

Opting for an older model year can also help you save on long-term costs like insurance premiums and registration fees. Depending on the type of car you’re looking for, you can also research the most reliable past model years based on the experience of other drivers.

Our team is happy to give you advice on which cars hold up the best over time based on our years of experience servicing vehicles in our community.

Find Local Cars Online

When you buy a used vehicle with #1 Cochran Youngstown, we believe the auto shopping experience should always be as reassuring as buying a new ride. That’s why we stock our used car lot with a wide array of local vehicles for sale. You’ll also find used quality pre-owned automobiles from many automotive manufacturers. For example, we have a wide range of makes and models from Subaru, Nissan, Volvo, Toyota, Jeep, Dodge, CadillacFord, Buick, GMC, and Chevrolet.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful SUV, a city-friendly hatchback, or a stylish sedan for your daily commutes, we have the perfect model to suit your specific needs and budget. Even better, our friendly team of knowledgeable sales experts can help you buy your next ride 100% online. Get instant upfront pricing on all our cars. And finalize everything from the comfort of your home.

We’re here to provide a range of affordable options for your used vehicle search in Youngstown, Ohio, so shop online with us today! 

What It Means to Buy a Local Car Online

Before we look at some of the benefits of buying a used car online, let’s define what online car buying is. 

With advances in technology and the growing ease of home delivery, Consumers are growing more comfortable buying a wide variety of things online, from groceries to furniture and homes. Partly by necessity and partly because we’ve discovered how convenient it is. 

But should you buy a local used car online? Well, an increasing number of manufacturers and dealers are giving drivers the means to purchase used cars online, so purchasing your next used car is now potentially more convenient than ever. Although purchasing a car online might feel risky or unnatural, it’s completely safe and time-efficient if done correctly.

Reasons to Buy Local Cars Online

Admittedly, most of us get a bit uncomfortable just thinking about visiting a local dealership to shop for local used cars. This is often because of inflated dealer prices, uncertainty about what you’re getting, and high-pressure sales tricks. That all being said, here are reasons why buying online is better:


Online shopping saves time. Few of us want to spend an entire weekend in an auto dealership trying to get a deal. Online auto shopping can streamline the process by allowing time-consuming tasks, such as filling out paperwork, to be completed at the client’s leisure.

An online car deal’s no-haggle/no-negotiation nature is equally appealing to many auto shoppers. Usually, prices are publicized, and as consumers present personal information about their preferred down payment, trade-in, credit history, and other details, the numbers automatically update. Ideally, auto dealers present all consumers with the same baseline pricing, and generally, those prices are non-negotiable. 

Unlimited Options

Are you looking to explore as many options as possible? Well, shopping and buying local used cars online affords you the opportunity to hop from one brand to another, comparing the different available local vehicles for sale. 

You’re not limited to the cars in your local dealer’s yard. Instead, you can scour through the vast online inventory to find your perfect ride. And when you do decide on a make and model that best suits you, you can look for the best specs and deal from unlimited options available.

On the flip side, if you were to buy offline, you’d have to go from one used car lot to another looking at the cars. So, if you want to have a chance to choose from a wider range of locally used cars for sale, then online should be the way to go.


If you have ever been to any local dealership to buy a locally used car, you’re already familiar with all the stress that comes with trying to go through their vast inventory. The process can only get more hectic if you have to tour the dealership and negotiate with the salesperson. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Instead of strolling around used car lots, you can spend a peaceful evening browsing on your smartphone or computer, all from the comfort of your home. And with high-quality pictures at #1 Cochran Youngstown, there really is no need to leave the house!

Less pressure

Many car sales associates aren’t in it for your best interest; they want to sell you a vehicle at the highest price possible so that they can get a hefty commission. Online shopping allows you to shop around, compare prices on your own and take your time planning. 

Shop at Your Own Time

You can buy local cars online during all hours of the day, night, and week. You don’t have to constantly stress about the dealership’s days or hours they’re open. This saves you a considerable amount of time than visiting several dealerships looking for a good ride, which could take days or hours if you don’t live near many auto dealerships. 

Auto Loans in Youngstown, Ohio Made Easy

When you’re confident you’ve found a local used vehicle for sale that best suits your lifestyle, the next step is to run the numbers! That’s where our knowledgeable finance professionals come into play. Local drivers from Youngstown, Ohio, and beyond can get pre-approved for auto financing even before arriving at our dealership for the test drive through our convenient online car loan application. Local used car buyers with less than perfect credit or no credit rely on our finance experts to provide practical solutions, and we meet those expectations with our alternative financing packages, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started! 

At #1 Cochran Youngstown, we aim to provide the best auto shopping experience you’ve ever had. From the comfort of your sofa or in person, we invite you to experience stress-free auto buying.

Getting started is straightforward, right from the comfort of your quarters. Firstly, apply for auto financing. From there, you can browse through our existing used cars inventory and use our online monthly car payment calculator to determine your monthly and down payments.

When you visit our dealership in Youngstown, OH, please bring proof of insurance and a driver’s license. Current pay stubs are also helpful for validating your loan application. Finally, consider trading in your old car for additional price reductions.

Contact the team at #1 Cochran today!

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