How to Reprogram a Nissan Key Fob with Push Start

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Nissan vehicles with a push start system use a key fob to make sure the vehicle’s owner is in the car and operating the vehicle. It’s crucial to have a functioning key fob in order to enjoy this handy push-button feature. If your key fob stops working, you can reprogram it or program a new one in a few simple steps.

Understanding Push Start

The Nissan push start system streamlines the pr2023 Nissan Ariya Appocess of starting your car and eliminates the need for a cumbersome key. If you’re tired of searching in your purse or pockets for your key to get going, you’ll thoroughly appreciate the functionality of Nissan’s key fob system. This allows you to turn on your vehicle at the push of a button. You simply need to have the key fob on your person or nearby in a purse or bag.

When the key fob has a functional battery and proper programming, it will communicate with your Nissan and allow you to use simple push-button features without inserting a physical key into the vehicle. Vehicles equipped with the full intelligent key system also allow you to lock and unlock the vehicle or open the trunk using the request switch on the outside of the vehicle, as long as the key fob is within range.

Why Reprogram?

There are several common key fob issues that may require you to reprogram your Nissan key fob. If the battery runs out, you’ll need to reprogram the key fob after inserting a new one. If your current key fob gets lost, damaged, or stops working, you can purchase a new one for your vehicle. You will then need to program your new key fob to interact exclusivelywith your Nissan. In some cases, reprogramming your key fob may resolve issues with it malfunctioning, similar to the process of restarting a computer if it crashes.

Safety First

Though key fob synchronization is fairly quick and easy, it’s important to tackle it only when you have time to work through all the steps from start to finish. If you’re interrupted in the middle of the task, your key fob won’t work and you may have to start the process over from the beginning to restore functionality. Park your vehicle in a secure location, and choose a time when you can dedicate your full attention to dealing with the key fob.

Reprogramming Guide

Reprogramming a key fob for a Nissan vehicle can typically be done in a few simple steps. If your Nissan has a key pairing slot, you’ll need to use a key fob kit with an installer box and follow these steps:

  1. Sit inside the vehicle with all doors closed.
  2. Remove the batteries from all current key fobs.
  3. Make sure the key pairing slot is functional by inserting the key fob into it and starting the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t start, you have a problem with your key pairing slot.
  4. Use the key fob manual to identify the appropriate programming position for your particular Nissan. Turn the dial on the installer to the designated number.
  5. Plug the installer into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port. Your owners manual will contain information on how to find the OBD port in your Nissan.
  6. Follow the instructions on the installer to program your new key. You will be instructed to turn the ignition on and off several times throughout the process.
  7. Repeat the process to pair all keys, both new and existing.
  8. Replace the batteries in your key fobs.

If your Nissan doesn’t have a key pairing slot, you’ll typically follow these steps:

  1. Sit inside the vehicle with all doors closed.
  2. Insert the key into the vehicle’s ignition switch and remove it twice. Insert the key a third time, and leave it in the ignition to activate the programming mode.
  3. Press and hold any button on the key fob for 15 seconds, or until the door locks flash.
  4. Release the button and check that the lights on the door locks remain steadily illuminated. This indicates that you’ve successfully programmed the key fob.

Post-Reprogramming Checks

Once you’ve reprogrammed your key fob, you should check both new and existing key fobs to make sure they work. Remove all but one key fob from the vehicle and attempt to use the push start system to determine whether the fob was successfully reprogrammed.


Programming a new key fob erases all existing keys, so you need to make sure your key pairing slot works properly before you begin or you’ll risk erasing the data on all of your vehicle’s keys. If the key pairing slot doesn’t work, check the fuse. Replacing the fuse is an easy fix for this problem.

If you’re programming an entirely new key fob, follow the manufacturer’s directions for that product and give those precedence over any instructions provided here. Some kits operate differently.


Understanding how to program a key fob on your own will allow you to quickly remedy any problems with your Nissan key fob so you can continue to enjoy the push start feature. Performing this job at home can save you the time and expense of taking your vehicle in to a dealership.

Make Sure Your Nissan Is in Prime Condition

A functional key fob helps ensure your vehicle’s safety and functionality. While you can often reprogram a key fob yourself, you may run into situations where your Nissan needs a professional touch. Visit Cochran Cars for assistance with any persistent key fob issues in your Nissan.

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