Emissions Tests Near Youngstown, OH

November 21st, 2021 by

Certain vehicles in qualified Ohio counties have to pass an emissions test every two years. If your car does not have an exemption and you have it registered in the city of Youngstown, it needs to pass the Ohio smog tests. New residents in the state need to have their vehicle’s VIN inspected to find out if it requires an emissions test before they can get their first registration. Once you determine if you need to get the emissions test, you then need to find a place to get the test done. Thankfully, there are several shops in and around the Youngstown area that will perform the E-Check. 

How Do I Know If I Need an Emissions Test in Ohio?

Seven Ohio counties require vehicle emissions testing. They are:

  • Cuyahoga.
  • Geauga.
  • Lake.
  • Lorrain.
  • Medina.
  • Summit.
  • Portage.

The law states specific parameters for vehicles that must pass an emissions test. These include:

  • Gas-powered vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds.
  • Vehicles 25 years old or newer.
  • Hybrid vehicles and flex-fuel vehicles.
  • Diesel-powered vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds. 

If your vehicle requires an emissions test and is an even-year model such as 2020, it must pass an emissions test in the even number calendar years. If your vehicle was made in an odd-number calendar year, you must bring it for its emissions test in odd-number calendar years.

What Is an E-Check?

Every engine gives off emissions, and many states, including Ohio, only allow vehicles to produce a certain amount. In order to determine how much emissions your car produces, the technicians will hook it up to a diagnostic device that reads the onboard computer. Since every vehicle has to meet a federal emissions standard, manufacturers design the computers to provide a warning if any system failure changes the amount of emissions output. Once connected, the hand-held reader downloads all the emission control system performance codes. 

In addition to the diagnostic test, the technicians will perform a visual inspection. They will check to make sure the vehicle has a gas cap and a catalytic converter. They will also check for any leaking fluids, check the tires, and make sure there are no other safety concerns that would prevent it from passing the emissions test.

The last test is a gas cap pressure test. The technician removes the gas cap and connects it to a gauge to measure the amount of pressure it has. This test ensures that no gas vapors can leak out around the cap when it’s in place. 

After the Ohio E-Check, the technician will provide you with a vehicle inspection report with the results. 

What Steps Do I Take If My Vehicle Fails the Emissions Test?

If your vehicle does not pass the emissions test, you need to have the necessary repairs done and have it retested. The vehicle inspection report will provide information about why it failed, and you can speak to the technician to find out what you need to have fixed. Ohio residents get three free smog checks every calendar year. If your car or truck fails the first three emissions tests, additional testing is $18. 

Where Can I Take My Vehicle for a Car Emissions Test in Youngstown?

Youngstown, Ohio, and the surrounding area have several auto shops and service providers that will perform an emissions test. Some of the top-rated shops include:

Lou Vari Transmission Service

You’ll find Lou Vari Transmission Service at 900 Andrews Ave. in Youngstown, Ohio. This shop provides excellent service, tuneups, a wide variety of repairs, and emissions testing. 

Pitstop Auto Care

Located at 350 North Main St. in Hubbard, Ohio, Pitstop Auto Care provides all kinds of services, including emissions testing. 

Morrow’s Auto Service

Morrow’s Auto Service at 1200 North Main St. in Hubbard provides emissions testing, along with general maintenance, engine repair, auto body repair, and more. You can call 330-534-9093 to find out more about the services they provide and to book an appointment. 

AAMCO Total Car Care

The AAMCO station at 7880 Market St. in Boardman, Ohio, is a full-service auto repair shop. They offer safety and emissions inspections, along with repairs if your vehicle does not pass.

Mike’s Complete Car Shop

Bring your vehicle to Mike’s Complete Car Shop, located at 3023 Market St., for its emissions test and more. Mike and his staff are knowledgeable, experienced, and honest. This is a small shop, but Mike has over 40 years in the car business.

How Can I Help Make Sure I Pass My E-Check in Ohio?

two trucks being serviced on power lifts in an auto shop

Image via Unsplash by laurelmike

If you are concerned about the E-Check, you can take some time to prepare your vehicle to help make sure it passes. 

Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

Start by paying attention to your check engine light. If it goes on, there is a problem with your emissions, so you need to have it checked and fixed before the test. The check engine light will come on for several reasons, but one of the most common is the oxygen sensor. This sensor is a relatively easy fix. It’s inexpensive but very important for passing the test. If it’s not done, it can damage the catalytic converter, which is a more extensive and expensive repair.

Change the Oil

The oil doesn’t have as much of an impact on your emissions as some other factors, but dirty oil contains pollutants. Changing it before your emissions test can’t hurt.

Get a Tuneup

Bring your car into your dealer’s service department for a quick tuneup before your emissions tests. Have your mechanic check hoses, filters, and spark plugs to make sure they are all in good condition. Replace anything that is worn or leaking.

Check the Gas Cap

Check your gas cap regularly to make sure it is in good shape. Take a close look at it to make sure the seal doesn’t have any gaps for cracks. Replace it if needed.

If you have any questions about Ohio’s E-Check process or you need a tuneup to help make sure it will pass, give us a call at #1 Cochran or schedule a time to bring your vehicle in.