Current Openings

Service Technician
Technicians in Automotive Service has evolved from simple mechanics to incorporate high-end technology. This field is often familiar with integrated electronic systems and complex computers running today’s vehicles. Technicians may work with electronic diagnostic equipment and computer-based technical reference materials, and have high-tech skills to inspect, maintain, and repair automobiles and light trucks while maintaining skills with traditional hand tools. Activities also include testing and lubricating engines and other major components, and repairing or replacing worn parts. Skills in problem-solving are critical. Click here to apply!

Service Manager
As an Automotive Service Manager, you will oversee the service department’s daily operations, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional service. Your responsibilities include managing and motivating a team of technicians and service advisors, optimizing service processes for efficiency, and maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction. You will also be responsible for budgeting and reporting on service department performance, as well as ensuring compliance with all safety and regulatory standards. Your leadership will drive the department’s success, fostering a positive work environment and enhancing the overall customer experience. Click here to apply!

Within the Administrative field is opportunity ranging from DMV information processing, deal-packet administration, triaging incoming telephone calls, systems analysis and data entry, general filing, vendor management, etc. Under the supervision of the Office Manager and/or Controller, administrative dealership jobs interact with the Service, Sales, and/or Collision teams for general administrative support. Click here to apply!

The Accounting field is responsible for accounts payable/receivable, accounting of vehicle inventory including, but not limited to, costing of sales and/or leasing deals, paying off vehicle loans, drafting contracts, maintaining floor plan accounts, etc. This area is often an entry-point to learn the financial management side of the automotive business.Click here to apply!

Apprenticeship, internships, on-the-job-training; each of these combine the idea of working with individuals interested in a technical career in an automotive Service Lane or Collision Center. Basil offers opportunities for on-the-job training while attending school or classes, so you can gain real-life experience from working at a dealership. Work and learn in a professional setting and upon graduation, begin working full-time as a professional technician. Click here to apply!

Vehicle Detailing is an entry-point opportunity for those interested in learning more about the automotive industry. These positions interact with the Sales, Service, & Collisions teams in prepping incoming vehicles for the Sales lot, as well as cleaning and readying vehicles for customer delivery using a variety of cleaning solutions and equipment. Click here to apply!

Drivers operate vehicles ranging from our courtesy shuttles, parts trucks, and/or transporting vehicles across various locations. These positions often interact with customers, Sales, Service, and Parts teams. Click here to apply!

Guest Services
The Guest Services and Business Development field includes team members possessing strong customer-service competencies. These positions entail a high-level of customer interaction, problem-solving, schedule management, organization, and helping customers navigate through and understand dealership services. Click here to apply!

Lot Attendant
Lot attendant positions work with the Sales, Service, and Collisions teams in managing vehicles on the Sales lots, managing traffic within the Service lane, and/or other general automotive needs around the dealership. Click here to apply!

This field of work is often a dealership’s first point of contact with customers and guests, and represents the dealership in a professional, friendly manner at all times. This area supports internal teams with clerical work, including vehicle titling, costing and contracting, application processing, and/or other administrative needs. Click here to apply!

Finance & Insurance
Within the F&I field is a mixture of sales, customer service, and detailed analytical abilities. F&I is a pinnacle point in the customer experience to ensure a customers’ safety and financial security is covered. It is critical to interact with a variety of lending institutions to procure the best and most effective financial program for the customer, in addition to securing extended service programs and maintaining regulation compliance. Click here to apply!

Within the Automotive Parts field is a variety of positions, ranging from direct interaction with customers and colleagues within the dealership, to wholesale account management supporting business accounts, to a supervisory role leading the entire Parts team. Click here to apply!

A career in Sales incorporates consistent, positive energy throughout the workday, upholding a strong passion for relationship management. Included activities in this field are needs assessment, resolution of any challenges, and educating customers on opportunities offered in all aspects of vehicle technology as well as within our dealerships’ services. Click here to apply!

Service Advisor
Service Advising, or Service Writing, often incorporates working knowledge of auto mechanics or a similar area. Key functions include the scheduling of service and maintenance work on vehicles, as well as informing customers of any additional services needed. Communication with customers is critical to determine the nature of mechanical problems, obtain customer and vehicle data, as well as communication of repair progress with service technicians. Click here to apply!

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