2021 Chevrolet Bolt – Chevy Electric Car – Range, Battery, Price, Interior & More!

2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV Hatchback Premier in Kinetic Blue Metallic GD1 on city street

Chevy Electric Car – The 2021 Chevy Bolt EV

The 2021 Chevy Bolt EV is an attractive choice if you’re looking for an electric vehicle thanks to its speedy acceleration and roomy passenger cabin. The Bolt has one of the longest driving ranges on the market too. Here’s a rundown of some of its key features.

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2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT, 3/4 passenger side Front view in Summit White
2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT, 3/4 passenger side Front view in Cayenne Orange Metallic
2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT, 3/4 passenger side Front view in Kinetic Blue Metallic

2021 Chevy Bolt Range and Battery Charging

The Chevy Bolt is powered by a 66 KW lithium ion battery and an electric motor. Combined, this all-electric system puts out 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. It can take this Chevy from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds.

The Bolt’s driving range is an impressive 259 miles, which is one of the longest on the market. The Bolt achieves an excellent 127 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGE) on city roads and 108 MPGE on the highway.

When it comes to charging the battery, you’ll need about 10 hours to fully charge it using a 240-volt charger. A standard 120-volt household power outlet can charge the battery at a rate of about 4 miles of driving range per hour. The fastest method for Chevy Bolt charging is to use a public DC charger around Youngstown, which can provide around 100 miles of driving range in about half an hour.

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Chevy Bolt Interior and Infotainment

Inside the cabin, the Bolt seats five passengers. It also features over 16 cubic feet of space behind the rear row, giving you plenty of cargo storage for your day-to-day needs. In terms of passenger legroom and headroom, the Chevy Bolt’s interior provides plenty of space in both rows for adult passengers. Full sets of LATCH connectors are available on the outward rear seats for installing child seating.

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For entertainment purposes, you get a 10.2-inch infotainment screen, BlueTooth connectivity, two USB ports, and a six-speaker audio system. You can add two additional USB ports, wireless device charging, and a seven-speaker premium stereo.

The Bolt also comes with remote start and push-button entry, which can make things a lot easier when you’re trying to enter your vehicle. A dual-zone automatic climate control will also help keep everyone comfortable inside.

Chevy Bolt 2021 - Screen Average Speed Chevy Bolt 2021 - Screen Efficiency Panel 2021 Chevy Bolt interior Back Seats Chevy Bolt 2021 Interior Gear shirt cup holder
2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT, 3/4 drivers side back view in Summit White
2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT, 3/4 drivers side back view in Cayenne Orange Metallic
2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV LT, 3/4 drivers side back view in Kinetic Blue Metallic

2021 Chevy Bolt Price

The 2021 Bolt is sold in two trims: LT and Premier. The LT has a starting price of $36,500. It features cloth upholstery, a wireless hot spot, and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For an additional $555, you can get heated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

The Premier starts at $41,700. The extra price tag is worth paying if you want to take advantage of rapid charging. The Premier has DC charging capability, which isn’t available with the LT trim. On top of that, the Premier also gets leather-appointed seats, heated outward rear seats, and a surround-view parking camera.

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Summit White

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Summit White color

Cajun Red Tintcoat

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Cajun Red Tintcoat color

Cayenne Orange Metallic

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Cayenne Orange Metallic color

Kinectic Blue Metallic

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Kinectic Blue Metallic color

Mosaic Black Metallic

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Mosaic Black Metallic color

Nightfall Gray Metallic

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Nightfall Gray Metallic color

Oasis Blue

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Oasis Blue color

Silver Ice Metallic

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Silver Ice Metallic color

Slate Gray Metallic

Chevy Bolt 2021 in Slate Gray Metallic color

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